Web Development

At Crikey Web Solutions, we provide latest website development services for your business requirement with excellent customer experiences.We follow the best standard practices in the industry by adhering with W3C our code being cross browser compliant, responsive and 100% SEO friendly.

We make sure that the entire web pages of the web site will 100% match with the web design with pixel perfect layout. We follow 100% table less approach with HTML code being developed with div based with the help of CSS. This will result in the web site being easily maintainable with code being clear and readable whilst being SEO friendly. Whole the website will be tested by all major browsers including the Internet Explorer where most of the major designs will tend to appear awkwardly. However we make sure that the design appears identically in all the major browsers as our Quality Assurance team is well expertise in developing the fixes to make sure that the web site is cross browser compatible.

With our basic Web development packages we make sure that we perform the basic SEO option with pages being optimized with title and meta tags.

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